About Kinsman Web Design

Kinsman Web Design is a family business

Kinsman Web Design is a home based business located in Kinsman, Ohio.

My name is William Otis, and I am a graduate of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, where I studied advertising art. My wife, Beverly, studied art at the University of Texas, Austin, TX.

Professional experience and qualifications

Much of my professional experience has been in the field of sales and marketing, with some training in advertising and copy writing.  Prior to this, I spent many years in the field of electronics as a technician, which I learned while in the U.S. Navy, and with further training in technical school afterward. This has led to my interest in computers, programming, and Web designing, which integrates art with the technical aspects of Web designing.

Beverly's experience has been in retailing, as the General Manager of a large upscale Southern California department store, and also with buying office experience.

What we offer

We believe our combined and diverse experience uniquely qualifies us to advise our clients in advertising, sales, and copy writing as we develop their Websites. It allows us to offer expertise and insight that many of our competitors, who are primarily just programmers, cannot.

Our design goals

The goal of our Web design service is to create Websites that are unique in design, attractive, that express your personality and promote the image that you want for your company.

We strive to transmit a powerful message about your product or service, and to create an attractive Website that will help you to promote your business and increase your sales.