A memorable design means not looking like everyone else.

Custom designs ensure your site will be unique.

Numerous companies in your business have websites. They are all competing for attention. Many have been online for years.

It's also true that many of these websites look nearly alike. This is because they have been created with commercially available templates which are all very similar. The web designer simply adds his own content, graphics, etc., and uploads the site. The overly thick header with the "slider," and the obligatory three circles near the bottom of the page are all too obvious in these sites. Most come from one source.

Designs that make sense.

First impressions are everything. After viewing your competitor's websites, we think you'll want yours to be different. In fact, you'll probalby insist on it. You cannot compete with "look-alikes" by being another look-alike.

Your site must be different. Like a headline on your site, the design itself must be attention getting.

You want your site to be rememberd. Our goal is to make it different from your competitors. That's why we create custom templates for the sites we build.

We'll also host your site. Not only can we design your website, we can host it too. As a hosting reseller, we are able host the sites we build on our own secure servers, with all the modern technology offered by every other popular host. No need to sign up with another company. We do it all, including helping you to decide on a domain name, checking availability, and securing the name for you.

Leave the headlines and copy to us

"A copywriter is a sales person behind a typewriter." - Judith Charles, President of Judith K. Charles Creative Communication.

This axiom descibes most accurately what the business of copywriting is about. Every sentence of copy should be designed to advance the selling process.

Writing effective headlines and copy is a special skill. Entire books have been written on this one topic. We have studied the books written by some of the best professional copywriters in the advertising business, and have also attended seminars on effective copy writing. Therefore, you should let us do this for you. You need only provide the information from which we will develop the copy.

So, don't worry about writing copy or headlines. That's what we do. We have the copy writing skills you need. We can create effective headlines that are tested for their advertising impact and write copy for you too!

Our main service area is northeast OH, including Trumbull, Mahoning, Ashtabula and Geauga counties, and western PA, including Mercer and Lawrence county. However, if you are outside this area, we can serve you too, as it is usually not necessary to have personal consultations for website creation, but everything can be handled by phone, Email, and US mail. This is our usual way of working.