Establishing your place in search results.

Search placement should not be at the expense of well written copy.

The goal of a Website is to attract new business. But in order to do this, it has to be found. Once found, it must look appealing to the viewer and it must interest the visitor in the product or service being offered.

The goal of Search Engine Optimization is for search engines to link your Website with searched-for keywords, and display your Website in search results being returned, preferably at or near the top of the first page.

All the SEO in the world will not matter if a Website is poorly designed, and with poorly written copy.

One must realize that no matter how good the SEO may be, an unattractive Website will not make a good impression, and will do nothing to enhance your credibility. It is not likely to hold the attention of a viewer for very long. All the 'clicks' in the world will not matter if a viewer has no desire to stay on your page long enough to read your message.

An ugly Website will not be viewed for more than a few seconds.

A well designed Website that is attractive, pleasing to the eye, and with well written copy that is easy to read, creates a feeling of assurance that your company is one that the visitor would like to do business with.

Keyword stuffing is not only bad practice, it is not necessary.

The practice of "keyword stuffing" in order to gain better positioning and ranking by the search engines should be discouraged. Too often this practice has been at the expense of well written, meaningful copy, which then loses it's power to persuade, which is the main goal of effective copy writing.

Copy should be written for the target audience, not the search engine.

Much of the copy found on Websites today is written for the search engines, not to the target audience, your prospects. This results in meaningless copy, often gobbledygook, with no compelling selling message. The visitor becomes uninterested. When this happens, you lose.

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